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2014 NURS Logo

The 2014 NASCAR United Racing Series, was the inaugural NURS season. Currently, ten of the scheduled thirty-six races have been ran.

Exhibition SeasonEdit

Main Article: 2013 NASCAR United Racing Series

The 2014 Exhibition Season was also part of the 2013 Exhibition Season. Only one race was ran in 2014 which was the season finale in which Zack Toth won the event held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Warren Francois was declared the 2014 Exhibition Season Champion and was expected to keep the good luck up throughout the regular season

The success of the first Exhibition Seasons proved that the 2014 Official Season would be a great one and may credited the Exhibition Season for putting up some great competitive racing.

Preseason ThunderEdit

Preseason Thunder began in January 2014 and was used to test out most of the upcoming tracks and rule sets for the upcoming first season. The tests proved to be successful and the cars and drivers were ready for the regular season.

Regular SeasonEdit

The regular season consists of twenty-six races. It was announced on May 5, that races twenty-seven to thirty-six would indeed be the races in the first ever NURS Chase4TheCup.

The inaugural season got underway with the 2014 NURS Daytona 500 in which Andrew Pervere beat out Levi Burch to the line by just 0.02 of a second. The aftermath of the event was filled with Media Coverage and many praising the competitive racing of the series which won over even more fans. The following week at Phoenix International Raceway put to the test how the racing would be on other tracks and another exciting finish at Las Vegas Motor Speedway proved that the series would remain competitive in each and every race. Through the first eleven races of the season, four of them have been photo finishes and only one (Darlington) have not been competitive.


The first annual NURS Chase for the Cup (Stylized as Chase4TheCup) will begin after race number twenty-six and conclude at the end of the season.

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