2014 NURS Chase for the United Cup Championship Event00:31

2014 NURS Chase for the United Cup Championship Event

The 2014 NASCAR United Racing Series (NURS) Red Bull 400, is the final event of the 2014 season and will be held at Homestead-Miami Speedway. 

Practice Session #1Edit

The first of two pracice sessions was ran on November 17, 2014 and saw Giovanni Oliver-Volterra put up the fastest lap and the track record for NURS competition. Davian Torres and Josh White placed the second and third fastest laps.

Qualification & Starting GridEdit

Denver Matchett, who will be fighting for the Championship along with Max Niven and Brian Keith-Cherrick, grabbed yet another front row spot as he claimed the pole for the last race of the season. Daniel Voyles will be starting alongside of him.

Starting Grid:Edit

  • Denver Matchett
  • Daniel Voyles
  • Andrew Nagy
  • Brian Keith-Cherrick
  • Davian Torres
  • Ryan Runkle
  • Graham Waldo
  • Khalil Sokunle
  • Joey "Mac" Williams
  • Joey Burns
  • Justin Champagne
  • Levi Burch
  • Nacho Gamez
  • Jean-Paul Londono
  • Andrew Pervere
  • Tanner Johnson
  • Woody Pitkat
  • Keltic Johnson
  • Juan Caicedo
  • Ian Dutta
  • Alex Valdovinos
  • Jackie Tang
  • Jhoan Itoei
  • Karson Aube
  • Christine Pelfrey
  • Josh White
  • Kris Wascher
  • Giovanni Oliver-Volterra
  • Bob Nagy
  • Branden Whipple
  • Dillon Bult
  • Tyler Flake
  • Brendan Lane
  • Warren Francois
  • Martin Johnson, Jr.
  • Max Niven
  • Derrike Cope
  • Steven "Mimsey" Surmac
  • Jacob Mallo
  • Jarrett Small
  • Brandon J Rashan
  • Zack Toth

Final PracticeEdit

Race DayEdit



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