The 2014 Chevrolet 300, is a currently in progress NASCAR NXTGEN Racing Series event that will end off the season. 

Heading into the race, Martin Johnson, Jr. is at the top of the point standings. Brandon J Rashan was the previous race winner

Practice Session #1Edit

The first of two practice sessions was ran on November 17 where Justin Champagne, with a time of 31.001, put up the fastest overall lap and the track record for the series and the United Racing Alliance as a whole. Brandon Crawford and Warren Francois rounded out the top three.

Qualification & Starting GridEdit

Qualifying was ran on November 18, 2014 where Angel Navarro picked up yet another pole in his dominating season when it came to starting in P1. Joey Burns, who has been running well since he began competing in the season, qualified in the second position.

Final PracticeEdit

Final Practice will be held on Wednesday.

Race DayEdit

Race will be ran on Friday.

Finishing ResultsEdit




  • This is the first URA event and NXTGEN event for Preston Plourd, who will sub for Brandon J Rashan. 

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