This is a Template for a URA Driver Page. Please use the follwoing Template when making or editing a URA Driver Page. 

Personal Life

Here is where you can post about the driver's personal life such as where they live, were born, age, etc.

2014 URA Season

If the driver has ran in the URA in 2014, please use this section of the article to describe all events that happened them in 2014 such as race results, finishes, series ran, etc. 

2015 URA Season

If the driver plans on racing in 2015, please fill out this field with their series and possible goals they would like to accomplish.

Outside of URA

If the driver competes in other series, pleas post important stats and information here.


Here you can post pictures of the driver and his/her cars.


If there is some interesting facts about the driver, post it here


If you used any source (Website, book, etc.) Please post them here. 

Reference And Help 

Look at some of the other driver pages to get a basic understanding of how to use this page layout. If you have any problems or questions, or want them to review your page and make any changes, please contact an Admin such as StrawDogAmerica

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